Three Suspension Upgrades for a Perfect Ride

There are so much car modifications available today. Some are purely for looks, some are for performance. One of the upgrades that must be planned and done with high-quality parts is the suspension system. Yes, you can make your car look more aggressive with some alterations, but the suspension will keep your head on your shoulders. This is something no one should play with, so only upgrade your car with quality parts.

There are three things you can upgrade in your suspension system that will make sure you have a quality alternative to your factory suspension setup. You can add wheel spacers, upgrade springs and shocks and add sway bars.

Wheel spacers

Using wheel spacers, you get a wider stance for better looks and better overall handling. It’s important to get high-quality spacers that are made from aluminum alloy. Eibach’s PRO-SPACER wheel spacers are made with high-precision so the wheel balance will stay the same. All of Eibach’s spacers are available from 5mm up to 30mm width. With wider tracks, your car will not only look better and more aggressive, you will also get better handling.

Shocks and springs

After adding wheel spacers which slightly improve handling, it’s recommended to upgrade the shocks and springs. One of the most popular kits that include shocks and springs is the Eibach’s B12 PRO-KIT. By lowering the car up to 40mm, you will get a serious improvement in handling and looks. This kit includes Bilsteins B12 shock absorbers and Eibach’s Pro-Kit performance springs. This seems to be a winning combination, because it’s the most sold suspension upgrade in the UK. When you upgrade your suspension with this incredible upgrade kit, you will feel the difference in handling as soon as you take your car for a drive. It’s perfect for daily drivers and occasional track days.

Sway bars

The third step in upgrading a suspension system is to fine tune the ride by adding additional parts that improve some critical elements. One of the kits that will improve handling even more is an anti-roll kit. Eibach’s anti-roll kit will make sure you get the best possible handling. This is accomplished by reducing lateral and centrifugal forces that tend to twist the car and decrease traction while cornering or changing direction fast. By making the car stiffer, you will also reduce over and under-steering on the track. This kit is manufactured from a cold-formed steel alloy and it includes mounting hardware so it can be easily fitted to any car. The red powder coat finish is just a bonus, adding a sporty look under the hood.