Off-road Drivers Are Enthusiasts Too

When talking about suspension upgrades, the first thing that comes to mind is lowering and sports suspension. A big majority of people forget about off-road vehicles and people that drive them. Off-roaders are often left out of the car enthusiast community. One of the most important car upgrades is the suspension system. Although SUVs and off road vehicles already have suspension system that are capable of tackling rough terrain, there are upgrades available for extreme off-road conditions. One of the best manufacturers for upgrading off-road suspension systems is Bilstein.

Better steering and overall control with the Bilstein B6 4600 shocks

Many drivers are satisfied how their SUVs drive on and off road, but there is always that one thing, that little tweak that would make the suspension perfect. If you are one of those drivers, the Bilstein B6 4600 shock absorber will do the trick. An increased carrying capacity, better traction and overall better control will make sure that the suspension system is right for you. The B6 4600 shock absorbers are fitted easily, because there is no need for any modifications. It’s bolt on, and you can use your OEM springs, so the cost is even more affordable than you might have thought.

Suspension for extreme off-road use

Modern SUV drivers usually don’t drive their cars off-road, but there are still enthusiasts that use their off-road vehicles for off-road driving. Some people drive on such extreme terrain that almost no factory SUV can handle it. A serious suspension upgrade is necessary and the Bilstein B8 5160 is the perfect kit for the job. This kit is ideal for lifted vehicles, and it’s easily fitted to existing vehicle mounting points. It increases the wheel travel distance on almost every car and it’s ready to tackle the most extreme terrain conditions.

Air suspension OE replacement

OE replacement parts must be high-quality, especially when it comes to suspension. If you replace your factory suspension parts with low-quality parts, you can seriously decrease driving performance, comfort and stability. That’s why Bilstein’s engineers developed the B4 air suspension module in close cooperation with the engineers from Mercedes Benz. With this OE replacement, you get maximum reliability and driving safety, quality and comfort. It feels like driving in a new car again. This module was road tested to assure top quality and factory performance. This kit also comes with an optional Bilstein’s DampTronic damp system for vehicles with factory electronic adjustment systems. This allows the suspension to automatically adjust itself depending on road conditions for perfect traction and stability.