Infotainment System Upgrade for Older Cars

It’s not uncommon to see a car enthusiast driving an older car even though they can afford a new one. This is maybe the best definition of car enthusiasts – people that drive older cars they like, even if they can afford a better or new car. It’s all about the love for a car that makes car enthusiasts what they are. There is a variety of modifications available for almost every car, from customizing the exterior look, to upgrading interior and gadgets so the time spent in the car will be the most comfortable. One of the upgrades that are getting insanely popular is the infotainment system. There are 2 din touch-screen multimedia systems available for most cars, but a DIY modification is cheaper and usually better.

Will it fit?

Upgrading your car audio system to an infotainment system is a bit tricky but it’s something that will bring you joy when finished. There are parts, wiring and a few devices needed for this upgrade, but it’s cheaper than buying a infotainment system ready for plugging in directly to your car. Everyone that has the “know-how” should try this upgrade. Depending on the car you drive, you can fit a tablet directly in your center console. Some cars have the space for a tablet or iPad, some don’t, so measure everything before you start a project like this. You can get the best results with a 7” tablet which actually fits a large number of cars from the 2000s.

Buying the parts

First of all, you will need a tablet. If you already have one lying around – great, but if you don’t, you’ll need one. Look for a tablet that you would use in everyday life that has Bluetooth, WiFi, a fast processor and enough capacity to fulfill all your infotainment needs. You’ll also need an OBD Bluetooth connector that will send information directly to your new infotainment system. You can get information about fault codes, traffic information, speed, navigation, real-time sensor readings, music, internet… You’ll need an AUX cable as well and a charger for the tablet. You will maybe need some parts fabricated to fit the tablet in the center console, but there are usually aftermarket parts already made for this kind of upgrade, so check the internet first!

Connecting everything and trying it out

Once you have all the parts ready for installation, you can look up similar projects on the internet for ideas and help with connecting everything so it will look like a factory infotainment system. Connecting everything won’t be a problem if you’ve ever changed a car stereo system. Be sure to plug in your OBD Bluetooth connector so you can get all the real-time information on your tablet. Connect the speakers and charger as well, and put everything in place. Once you finish this and everything fits, you can spray-paint the outer trim of the tablet in any color you think will look best!