Cash Back

Cash Back Explained

To ensure the old unit is returned in an acceptable condition for re-manufacturing a refundable 60 day cash back offer is available on every brake caliper sold, this cash back is included with the advertised price as is UK vat @ 20%.

If you do not have an acceptable old unit to return or do not wish to return an acceptable old unit then that is no problem as you will simply not receive any cash back.

We are unable to sell any caliper without cash back as we pay the cash back value when purchasing the re-manufactured caliper from our suppliers and manufacturers.

Old returning calipers for the cash back refund must reach us within 60 days from purchase and be in an acceptable condition.

Calipers do not include the pad carrier (also known as a yolk or caliper carrier) even if shown within the caliper product picture. Calipers are ready to be simply bolted straight on to the existing vehicles carrier.

Returns – (Maximum 60 days from purchase)

All products with a cash back value MUST be returned to and be received within 60 days from purchase at the following address:

Brake Parts Superstore (UK)
321 Holderness Rd
Hull HU8 8SH

United Kingdom

Picking Sheet

Do not return any item (new or old) without a picking sheet.
When your order was packed we should have included a picking sheet containing a list of ordered parts and the returns address.
If you have lost the picking sheet contact Harry.

What is an acceptable condition?

Snapped or seized bleed nipples are acceptable.
Seized pistons are acceptable.
Seized handbrake mechanisms are acceptable.
Badly rusted or painted calipers are acceptable.

What is an unacceptable condition?

A broken or cracked casing is not acceptable.
A different caliper than supplied is not acceptable.
Incomplete or missing parts of the caliper is not acceptable.
Drilled (or an attempt to drill) the bleed or inlet ports are not acceptable.
Cross threaded or damaged inlet / outlet ports are not acceptable.