Body Kits and Exterior Styling for the Ultimate Look of Your Car

Many enthusiasts start modifying their car from the exterior. There are hundreds of exterior modification possibilities for making your car look better. Starting from the wheels, lowering the car, spoilers, stickers, stretched tires… The possibilities are endless. When it comes to the exterior look of a car, everyone has their own taste and everyone customizes their car in a way so it will look the best by their standards. The first thing people usually change on their car is the stock wheels for bigger ones. This dramatically changes the look of any car, no matter how big or small it is.

Bigger wheels for a better looking car

The first step is to find the right alloy wheels for your car. Every make and model has their bolt pattern when it comes to wheels, so check that first! The most common bolt patterns for European cars are 4×100, 5×100, 5×110, 5×120, 4×98, 4×114.3 and so on…The center bore is also different from car to car, so the best thing is to find wheels with the 100% fitment for your car. The center bore can be changed with plastic rings, but it’s always better not to change anything. The safest bet when you look for bigger wheels is to go 1” bigger than stock ones, but most of the time, even a 2” bigger wheel will fit. Before buying, try it on to see how it looks and fits your car.

How low can you go?

The second step to car customization is lowering your car. With bigger wheels fitted, lowering can be tricky. Forget the measurements you made when the car was with stock wheels and tires. Measure again and look for the optimum option for lowering your car. You can get lowering springs, sets of shocks and springs, and the most popular of all – adjustable lowering kits. With these, you can slam your car to the ground when you’re going to car events, and lift it in a matter of minutes so you can go to work and drive the kids to school. This is the best option if you start customizing your daily driver and you need your car on factory height from time to time.

Body Kits and lighting

Body kits are very popular for extreme car customization. Custom bonnets, side skirts, bumpers and spoilers are usually all included in car body kits, and they are usually completely different from the stock parts on your car. There are some body kits that are more “discreet”, but they are usually far more expensive because they are being made by large tuning brands. You can also change your headlights and brake lights for aftermarket ones. They can be upgraded with xenon projectors for better visibility as well, but the most common difference between aftermarket and stock lighting parts is the color.